Tips on Staying Motivated and Positive

When you are a child it is a lot easier to be more positive and motivated compared to when you are an adult. There is a part of them that is innocent and true and beautiful. They see the world in wonders and not in negativity. This becomes especially true when you’re an adult.

You get to be faced with rejections, disappointments, injustice and many other unfair feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to make a point to stay and wallow in all those feelings. However, you shouldn’t do not take away the things that could have been good for you because you were looking at the bad. So, in this article, you will learn some of the things to get you started on staying motivated and positive for everything in life.

Staying Motivated

Before you start reading on the tips, you should also check on the things that you can learn from other people such as Michael Coleman who have been there. In that situation, that you are in now. You never know what you get out of them.


You know worrying is something that all of us cannot help but feel. It’s natural and it seems to be part of us. However, there are just some things that we have to let go rather than worry. Take control of the aspects in your life that you can control and let go of your worry for the ones that you cannot. What is the point of worrying too much, if its not going to fix the problem.


Nobody is perfect, even if we want it to, somewhere down the road, you will have some problems or some mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up for it, learn from it, forgive yourself and get past it. Don’t repeat it either, it can be a total painful experience if you humiliated yourself or disappointed yourself.


Give yourself some love, believe that you are worthy of all the good things that is just for you. Have a belief of pronoia, the opposite of paranoia. Belief in something that someone or something good out there is doing everything to align itself for you. So, tell yourself how amazing it is and be happy.


Stop, focusing on all the bad things that is happening to you, instead focus on the things that you should be thankful for. Your blessings are blessings and you should be thankful for that. Don’t worry about the things that aren’t there yet. Don’t focus on the bad you don’t look at the good.


You don’t have to coordinate a gala for your big achievements. Celebrate the achievements that you have on your own, no matter how small. You don’t have to invite others either, you can celebrate with yourself do something nice for yourself.

Sometimes, this are just enough to stay motivated, to wake up every day with a new zeal in life. To know and have the belief that you can make a change. So, try to look for that silver lining you never know what it could hold.

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